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Seraphin Deerskin Coat

56 IT / 46 US / Extra Extra Large

Aanbiedingsprijs€898 Normale prijs€5.200

Discover the Seraphin Deerskin Coat, made from exquisite deerskin sourced from Pennsylvania. This leather is known for its remarkable softness, durability, and luxurious feel, setting it apart from other materials. The use of full deerskin hides ensures a consistent and high-quality finish. Made in France.

Deerskin is rare and highly valued due to its limited availability and the intricate tanning process required to achieve its unique texture. The deerskin from Pennsylvania is particularly prized for its superior quality, thanks to the region's excellent deer populations. This coat reflects Seraphin's commitment to using only the finest materials and expert craftsmanship, making it a standout piece in any discerning wardrobe.

Seraphin Deerskin Coat
Seraphin Deerskin Coat Aanbiedingsprijs€898 Normale prijs€5.200