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from passion for sartorial menswear

our story

Sartorialista, founded in 2021 by Casper Doorenbosch, a Fashion & Management graduate from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and a sartorial enthusiast, has an intriguing origin story. The idea for Sartorialista Amsterdam began as a thesis project during Doorenbosch's studies. Over the years, as he built his wardrobe, Doorenbosch eventually outgrew many of his clothes. This led him to start selling them online, where he discovered the ease and convenience of dealing with preloved items. This experience sparked his interest in the reselling industry, ultimately leading to the creation of Sartorialista, a platform focused on buying and selling preloved fashion items.


the industry

The reselling market is experiencing a significant upward trajectory and is forecasted to surpass the traditional fast fashion sector by 2030. This growth is being fueled by an increasing involvement of luxury brands and a noticeable shift in consumer behavior. As a result, the popularity of vintage and preloved shopping is steadily transitioning into a mainstream choice for consumers. This trend underscores a broader shift towards more sustainable and conscious shopping practices.

What value do we bring to the industry?

Casper Doorenbosch's extensive experience in both working with and wearing luxury sartorial brands has honed his expertise in the field. This knowledge is evident in the meticulous selection process employed at Sartorialista, where each item featured on the platform is carefully chosen to guarantee its pristine condition and authenticity. By ensuring that every piece is primed for its next chapter, Sartorialista facilitates a global exchange among fashion enthusiasts, fostering a circular economy. This approach not only extends the life cycle of high-quality garments but also promotes sustainable fashion practices worldwide.


the items

Sartorial items tend to provide a return of investment due to the quality and longevity. In other words, these items are an asset, not a consumable (if you treat it the right way) and therefore well-suited for the reselling industry.


Just like in a museum - one needs to know the story behind the item (artwork) in order to appreciate it at its fullest.

Every item available within Sartorialista contains elaboration about the sartorial details, the story and heritage of the tailor and information about the raw material.