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tom ford fit guide

Tom Ford has introduced a variety of fits through the years. In this guide, we'll focus on the five most common fits that stand out for their sophistication and versatility. These fits are designed to cater to different styles and preferences, ensuring there's something for everyone.

Base A / Fit A Windsor

The classic Tom Ford cut. Although it’s described as a classic cut it is actually a modern cut with a suspended waist. The Lapels are wide and the trousers do fit medium. The shoulders are quite broad which gives the wearer a strong silhouette. It’s double vented.

Base B / Fit B Regency 

The slimmer Tom Ford cut. The lapels are medium wide. The shoulder is medium shaped and the waist is very suppressed. The trousers are very slim. The Regency cut is available as both single and double vented.

Base Y / Fit Y O’Connor 

The O’Connor cut is a very slim Tom Ford cut like the Regency but with a very small lapel. The shoulders are narrow and the waist is very suppressed. The trousers are very slim. Base S / Fit S is the lined version with a single vent, Base Y / Fit Y is the lined version with a double vent and Base W / Fit W is the partial and unlined version with a single vent.

Base Shelton / Fit Shelton

The Shelton was introduced in 2016 and is based on the Windsor with a modern cut. The jackets have the same wide lapels and the fit is slightly slimmer. The difference is in the shoulder: the Shelton has a more natural shoulder with less padding compared to the Windsor. Also where the Windsor trousers have a classic cut and fit quite wide is the Shelton modern and tapered. The Shelton started as single vented but is since 2000 available as dual vented.

Base Atticus / Fit Atticus

The Atticus was introduced in 2019 and is a new modern cut based on the Windsor. Where the Shelton has more natural shoulders and runs a bit shorter the Atticus is loyal to the Tom Ford look: strong and broad shoulders and the jackets runs longer like the Windsor. The lapels are wide and come in a different shape than the Windsor / Shelton cut. Also where the Windsor trousers have a classic cut and fit quite wide is the Atticus modern and tapered.


Every season, these bases / fits are altered a little bit. It’s essential that you check the measurements against your own – preferably best fitting – suit.



Celebrated fashion designer Tom Ford is best known for turning Gucci into a brand worth billions of dollars, before leaving the business to launch his own highly successful brand. After leaving Gucci, Ford launched a line of menswear, beauty, eyewear, and accessories in 2006, named after himself. Known for his eponymous label, Tom Ford is admired for his exceptional tailoring and design aesthetic. The sartorial artistry learned in Milan is reflected in each of Ford’s suits. Every collection of the designer consists of modern designs that represent the typical style of Tom Ford: feminine, sexy and glamorous.