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our values

Our values embody the guiding principles that drive our platform and shape our actions


A luxury product, which tends to be higher in quality and constructed with the intention to be repaired and worn over and over again, naturally lends itself to resale.


For consumers, the desire to reduce their negative impact on the planet is increasing rapidly, but so is the number of new clothing ranges marketed as "sustainable." But how sustainable is sustainable when you're buying brand new?

Reusing garments reduces the need for additional resource use and waste, while maintaining the lifespan. This results in an overall more sustainable product, meeting the desire for consumers to reduce their negative impact on the planet.

Extending the active (service) life of garments is considered one of the most effective ways to reduce the overall impact of the clothing industry.

For people, product and planet.


For the people who take hours to work on these artworks. All the little handcrafted details, the dedication they have to achieve excellence within each product.

For each - handcrafted - product. They deserve to be used and maintained with the utmost care.

For the planet and its animals who gave us its natural resources to realize sartorial pieces.


The joy of exploring the world of sartorialism is multifaceted. It can be experienced through wearing sartorial items, learning about the industry, and meeting fellow enthusiasts. Building a wardrobe where every item has a unique story enhances this pleasure. Each piece, crafted for quality and durability, offers the satisfaction of longevity and the delight of discovering unique preloved garments.