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collaborate with us

Join our exclusive partnership at Sartorialista and elevate your boutique's offerings. Maximize your sales by re-engaging and incentivizing your customer base. Strengthen your customer relationship by providing them with a seamless avenue to rejuvenate and redefine their luxury wardrobe. Above all, with sustainability as standard, showcase your brand's commitment to a responsible and eco-conscious future in the world of luxury fashion.

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the opportunity

Our proposal centers on the idea of sustainable luxury. We offer your customers a chance to declutter their wardrobes by sending in their high-end menswear items that they no longer wear. In return, instead of just cash, they get an opportunity to refresh their wardrobe by shopping again at your store.

the collaboration

how it works

spread the word

Introduce your customers to our initiative. Let them know they can send their unused luxury menswear items to Sartorialista.

Empty Box and Return Label

To make it seamless for the customer, we'll provide your store with empty boxes - containing a prepaid return label.

Commission Structure & Benefits

Upon Sale: The seller will receive a coupon to spend at your store, - they get to utilize 80% of the sale value in your store.

Storage & Duration:

Items sent to us will be kept in stock for a maximum period of one year. If they remain unsold in that time, we will coordinate with the customer regarding its return or other possible options.

why sartorialista?

Maximize Sales

By offering your customers a 80% return on their items in the form of a store coupon, we're encouraging them to shop more at your store, effectively maximizing your sales.

Customer Loyalty

This initiative emphasizes your commitment to sustainability and customer value. It reinforces a positive brand image and fosters deeper customer loyalty.

Eco-Friendly Branding

Join the sustainable fashion movement and project your brand as one that cares for the environment by promoting the reuse and recycling of luxury items.

Increase Foot Traffic

By offering customers a significant incentive to return to your store, we expect to increase foot traffic and, subsequently, sales.