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by iris van der ros



Ever since she was young, organizing has been a passion that fuels her. The satisfaction of decluttering kitchens and attics, along with the art of reimagining closets, is where she finds true joy.

Beloved shows like the BBC's 'Life Laundry' and 'Je huis op orde' on SBS6 have always been her go-to favorites. While pursuing her psychology studies, she delved into the world of hoarders, thinking she could help them organize. Yet, the slow and therapeutic process they require didn't quite align with her approach. Though she set those ideas aside, the resurgence of Marie Kondo's organizing fame in the Netherlands reignited her own organizational aspirations.

Years of experience collaborating with friends, colleagues, businesses, and private clients have shown her why self-organizing is a challenge for many.

"Often, simple space-saving solutions at home go unnoticed."

With a unique perspective, she views your home and is excited to brainstorm alongside you. Her innovative, revitalizing concepts optimize spaces, bringing a sense of calm to your living or working environment.

Just last year, she played a pivotal role in producing "Je huis op orde" on SBS6. An incredible experience, it was a completely novel way of working. A dozen homes, brimming with belongings, were meticulously emptied and showcased in a vast 2000m2 warehouse. If your home is in dire need of a decluttering overhaul, minus the camera commotion, don't hesitate to connect. She's eager to help you restore order to your home.

Iris van der Ros, known as Spaceful Professional Organizing, operates from Amsterdam, extending her expert organizational services throughout the Netherlands*. Reimagine your space today!

sartorialista x ruimtevol

Elevating Preloved Luxury Menswear and Spaces, Seamlessly

At Sartorialista, we're devoted to curating and reselling the most exquisite preloved luxury menswear, extending the life of timeless style. Our partnership with Iris from Ruimtevol is a dynamic alliance built on a shared mission: to elevate not only wardrobes but also living spaces to their fullest potential.

Iris is the guiding force behind transformative housecleaning and space optimization, working her magic to bring order and beauty to every corner. Her meticulous eye for decluttering and spatial harmony aligns seamlessly with our commitment to superior quality and attention to detail.

Our collaboration ensures a dual transformation. While Iris revitalizes spaces, we breathe new life into preloved menswear that deserves a second chance. Together, we present a harmonious journey of renewal – from meticulously organized interiors to our thoughtfully curated menswear collections.