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Corneliani ID Navy Vespa Jacket

48 IT / 38 US / Medium

Sale price€178 Regular price€1.199

Introducing the Corneliani ID Vespa Jacket, where functionality meets timeless style. Crafted for the modern urban explorer, this jacket features a unique design with a removable patch beneath the collar, allowing you to close it snugly all the way up to the neck when riding your Vespa, shielding you from the elements. Upon arrival at your destination, simply remove the patch, and the jacket seamlessly transitions into a formal or smart-casual piece, making it the perfect choice for those who appreciate both practicality and sophisticated fashion. Ride in comfort, arrive in style with Corneliani ID's Vespa Jacket.

Corneliani ID Navy Vespa Jacket
Corneliani ID Navy Vespa Jacket Sale price€178 Regular price€1.199