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E.Marinella Blue and Red Floral Tie

One Size

Sale price€88 Regular price€180

The E. Marinella Blue Red Floral Tie is a splendid illustration of the brand's reputation for producing exquisitely crafted and elegantly designed neckwear. This tie features a rich blue base, beautifully adorned with red floral motifs, creating a striking contrast and adding a touch of vibrant sophistication. The floral design is both classic and contemporary, making the tie a versatile accessory suitable for various occasions, from formal events to business meetings. Made from premium silk, the tie is characterized by its luxurious texture, subtle sheen, and excellent drape, qualities that are hallmarks of E. Marinella's commitment to using high-quality materials. This blue and red floral tie is perfect for those who appreciate the blend of traditional Italian craftsmanship with a modern aesthetic.

E.Marinella Blue and Red Floral Tie
E.Marinella Blue and Red Floral Tie Sale price€88 Regular price€180