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E.Marinella Red Silk Tie

One Size

Sale price€88 Regular price€180

The E. Marinella Red Silk Tie is a classic embodiment of refined style and Italian craftsmanship. This elegant tie features a rich, vibrant red hue, making it a bold statement piece that adds a touch of sophistication to any ensemble. Crafted from premium silk, the tie exudes luxury, with a smooth texture and a lustrous sheen that is characteristic of high-quality silk. The tie's design is a testament to E. Marinella's commitment to traditional methods and attention to detail, ensuring not only an impeccable look but also durability and a graceful drape. Ideal for formal occasions, business meetings, or as a distinctive addition to a gentleman's wardrobe, this red silk tie is a quintessential Marinella creation, representing timeless elegance and sartorial excellence.

E.Marinella Red Silk Tie
E.Marinella Red Silk Tie Sale price€88 Regular price€180