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Finamore Light Blue Denim Cotton Shirt

41 IT / 16 US / Large

Sale price€198 Regular price€450

Light Blue denim cotton shirt with cut away collar, fully handmade, barrel cuffs and finished with mother of pearl buttons. Finamore shirts are meticulously hand-sewn in accordance with the revered Neapolitan sartorial heritage, presenting a timeless classic fit. Its standout feature lies in the unique 'arriccio' element adorning the sleeve, a signature of Neapolitan craftsmanship designed to provide optimal ease of movement and comfort. Their accomplished embroiderers meticulously oversee seven intricate stages in the creation of the 'NAPOLI' shirt: meticulously sewing the collar, attaching buttons using the iconic lily stitch, crafting embroidered buttonholes, skillfully stitching the armholes, intricately forming the shoulder, perfecting the mock sleeve's joist, and affixing the 'mouche' detail on the shirt's lower portion, proudly featuring the distinctive 'F' emblem of the Finamore 1925 logo.

Finamore Light Blue Denim Cotton Shirt
Finamore Light Blue Denim Cotton Shirt Sale price€198 Regular price€450