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Kiton White Pleated Tuxedo Shirt

39 IT / 15.5 US / Medium

Sale price€348 Regular price€650

Step up your formal game with this handmade Kiton White Tuxedo Shirt. It's all about looking sharp and feeling great. This shirt keeps things classy with a hidden button setup that keeps your look neat and a pleated front that adds a touch of style. Plus, it's got double cuffs for your favorite cufflinks, so you can add a bit of personal flair. Made with top-notch materials, this shirt is comfortable to wear and perfect for those big events where you need to impress. With this Kiton shirt, you're all set to turn heads and stand out in the crowd.

This shirt is handmade in Italy using 22 processes and contains engraved Pinctada Maxida mother of pearl buttons from oysters caught in the ocean around Australia.

Kiton White Pleated Tuxedo Shirt
Kiton White Pleated Tuxedo Shirt Sale price€348 Regular price€650