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Lamano Artisans Cashmere Crewneck

52 IT / 42 US / Large

Sale price€318 Regular price€860

Washed crewneck from ultra soft cashmere. Lamano Artisans: Finest cashmere knitwear for men Based in Umbria, in the heart of Italy, Lamano Artisans were born with craftsmanship and a passion for cashmere. This close connection leads to the excellence that the knitwear label can show in terms of yarn production, processing and the design of its knitwear. With unique compositions and multi-threaded cashmere yarns, which have a particularly high strength and softness, cardigans and sweaters with an outstanding feel and maximum wearing comfort are created. In addition to the rare fiber, the Lamano Artisans range also includes materials such as extra-fine merino wool, Giza cotton, silk, linen and innovative compositions made from the best that nature has to offer.