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Loro Piana Navy Sebring Windmate Car Coat

52 IT / 42 US / Large

Sale price€348 Regular price€3.200

The Loro Piana Navy Car Coat with Cashmere Lining is a luxurious outerwear piece that combines functional design with high-end materials. The coat's exterior is made from high-quality navy polyester, offering durability and protection against the elements. Inside, it is lined with sumptuous cashmere, providing exceptional warmth and softness. This combination of materials makes the coat both practical and indulgently comfortable. True to Loro Piana's reputation for fine craftsmanship and elegant style, this car coat is a sophisticated choice for those seeking both luxury and functionality in their wardrobe.

The Loro Piana Sebring Windmate coat is a high-end outerwear piece known for its innovative combination of materials and technology. It features Loro Piana's signature Windmate® fabric, which is a unique blend that offers both waterproof and wind-resistant properties. This makes the coat highly functional for various weather conditions, while maintaining a luxurious and comfortable feel, typical of Loro Piana's commitment to quality and style.

Loro Piana Navy Sebring Windmate Car Coat
Loro Piana Navy Sebring Windmate Car Coat Sale price€348 Regular price€3.200