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Tom Ford Dark Blue Denim Trousers

48 IT / 38 US / Medium

Sale price€278 Regular price€1.100

The Tom Ford Dark Blue Denim Trousers are a unique blend of classic tailoring and contemporary style. These trousers present a sophisticated take on traditional denim, offering the rugged appeal of denim with the refined cut of suit trousers. The dark blue color gives them a versatile and elegant look, suitable for a range of settings, from casual to smart-casual. Tom Ford's meticulous attention to detail is evident in the construction of these trousers, with a fit and finish that rival the brand's tailored pieces. The rough denim fabric provides durability and a textural contrast, adding an edge to the overall design. Ideal for those who appreciate high-fashion interpretations of classic styles, these trousers are a testament to Tom Ford's ability to innovate while maintaining sartorial excellence.