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Berluti Brown Andy Penny Loafer + Belt

7 UK / 8 US / 41 EU

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Berluti Brown Penny Loafers, a must-have for any sartorial-conscious individual. These loafers are a UK size 7 and come with everything you need to keep them in top condition: a matching belt (size 85), wooden shoe trees to help retain their shape, the original box for storage, and dust bags to keep them clean and protected. Berluti is known for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship, and these penny loafers are no exception. They offer timeless style and comfort, making them perfect for both formal and casual occasions.

Berluti’s story: “Andy Warhol first entered Berluti in 1962. Fascinated by the savoir-faire of the Maison, he ordered a pair of loafers from Talbinio Berluti, but Olga secretly undertook to make another pair of shoes from the hides she could find. She designed a truly modernist pair of loafers, but the hide she used had a flaw: a large vein running through the apron of one shoe. Olga explained to him that this pair was not like any other, and that the leather she had selected came from a “subversive” cow that liked to scratch herself on barbed wire. Andy Warhol understood immediately that this uncommon element made his pair of shoes completely unique. He loved the surreal nature of the plan, saying that, "from now on, I only want shoes made from the hides of subversive cows". This style was avant-garde in 1962, and still looks completely contemporary today, remaining a symbol of Maison Berluti visionary creativity. Later reworked with the evolutions of the Maison collections and lasts, the Andy loafer is an emblematic Berluti shoe.”

Seller Location: The Netherlands

Berluti Brown Andy Penny Loafer + Belt
Berluti Brown Andy Penny Loafer + Belt Sale price€998 Regular price€2.380