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Orazio Luciano Purple Trousers

54 IT / 44 US / Extra Large

Sale price€178 Regular price€880

Purple grey trousers made from pure virgin wool are an enduring classic that will remain stylish forever. Created to elevate your refined fashion sense, they possess a comfortable waist, flat front, and button fly. Constructed with exceptionally high-quality virgin wool, these trousers offer durability and dependability. The unique, bold purple shade not only adds sophistication but also exudes a touch of contemporary allure, ensuring that you'll attract attention and stand out wherever you may be.

From the cutting to the last ironing process, the tailors in the small factory of Orazio Luciano need more than 25 hours for the production of one single suit. The individual work steps are rigorously handmade in individual stations. From cutting to sewing the pockets, the lapel cut, the hand-sewn buttonholes, the fitting of the sleeves and, of course, the fitting of the lining.

Orazio Luciano Purple Trousers
Orazio Luciano Purple Trousers Sale price€178 Regular price€880